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Upic University Podcast: An Introduction of StratusLIVE

StratusLIVE develops fundraising software for lots of nonprofit organizations. Related to the United Way, the StratusLIVE for United Way application is an enterprise class CRM solution based on Microsoft Dynamics CRM and delivered in Outlook, a web browser or mobile device. StratusLIVE serves several of the top 20 United Ways in the country on this platform. The goal from day one was to replace multiple systems that don't talk to one another with a single point solution that was easy to use, easy to learn and innovative in the approach to daily workflow in fundraising: One Solution, One Platform. Fully Integrated. It is possible...

Upic LogoUpic Solutions (a StratusLIVE Partner) is the largest technology organization in the United Way network, providing StratusLIVE CRM/Microsoft Office hosting along with basic CRM support for a monthly fee per user. In a recent episode of the Upic University podcast, Winston Faircloth, President of Upic Solutions, introduced Jim Funari, CEO of StratusLIVE, for some background on the company and work with United Ways.

This podcast provides an overview of StratusLIVE with the following main topics:

  • The origins and history of StratusLIVE
  • How Microsoft Dynamics CRM was selected as the StratusLIVE for United Way development platform
  • StratusLIVE's deep knowledge about unique United Way business and fundraising models
  • Recent United Way customers and vision for future growth

Click here to listed the podcast at the UPIC University website.

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