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A Culture Change

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Philanthropy has changed, and so have your donors.  They are passionate, social, vocal, empowered, mobile - and connected... very connected. They care about your cause, but they want you to care about them.

To keep up with this rapidly changing fundraising landscape, your nonprofit requires a shift in culture.

If you are ready to increase donor engagement, build loyalty, and reduce churn, then it's time to get to know your donors.

It's time to make a change.

Can't Get from A to B

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The biggest problem with your old system is that it is made up of disconnected, solutions from different vendors.  That means it is nearly  impossible to really change the culture of your organization. 

From a functional and workflow perspective, old technology point solutions simply can't get you from point A to point B.

Your old processes have small pieces of information and constituent history in a bunch of different systems:  One thing for email, another for event management and something else for campaign processing.  There is simply no way to have a clear picture of your constituents and all the communications, roles, connections, and relationships they have with your organization if all your information is in different point solutions.

Point Solution Pain Points:

  • Multiple, Complex User Interfaces
  • Duplicate & Inconsistent Records
  • Proprietary Platforms
  • Costly Customizations
  • Little or No Data Sharing
  • Departmental Silos
  • Limited Training Options
  • Limited Remote Access
  • Old Technology
  • Inflexible User Tools


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Relationships as the Starting Point

At StratusLIVE, everything is based on relationship centered principles. This constituent centric philosophy provides the most comprehensive 360 degree view of relationships in the market, allowing you to cultivate relationships, gather information, record activities, track progress, analyze data, and see results like never before.

With StratusLIVE, you get the power to transform your organizational culture.

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